Moviebird 45´ Technocrane

Our offer includes the complete camera crane with telescopic boom arm.
The MB45´ comes with digital electronics for arm length control and your choice of remote head.

Basic rental includes:

MB45` Technocrane
crane electronics
Dolly w. rubber or track wheels

Available remote-heads:
Talon / Cinema Pro head
Egripment HotShot Head
Jimmy Jib Triangle Head

Truck 11,99t

Crane technician required

Request Prices per email

or call +352 621507757


Dolly 130 x 167 cm
Column Height 200 - 250 cm
Max telescopic range 11.25m
Max. overall length 16.5m
Max. speed 1.3m/s
Min. speed 1m/h
Max. lens height over slung 13.5m
Max. lens height under slung 12.5m
Max. nose load version 45 50kg
Crane weight incl. weights 1720kg
( dolly )
Power 110 - 230 V AC, 13 Amps max
Track width 100cm

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