Camrail Dolly

The Camrail-dolly is a portable very
fast and easy to use system.
It is used to realize camera-movements
in limited space environemtens as in cars
or cockpits. With a mountable motor and
a remote head, the system can be remote
controlled. The special monorail-track
(2 x 1 m straight / 1 x 2 m 90° curved)
can be mounted on tripods or even
upside down on the celling!
3 heavy duty Tripods makes setup very fast
also if ground is uneven
Speed: Pan&Tilt 180°/sec Traveling 20cm/sec
Load capacity: hand operated 25kg, remote version 12Kg
The perfect system for Pack shots.

Camrail Dolly with tacks: 200.00€/day
Camrail Robotic Dolly with tacks: 500.00€/day