Stanton Triangle head

The pan & tilt head can be used as a remote “hot head”
in locations where it would be impossible to have
a cameraman. A bracket is available, which will attach
the head to scaffolding or a heavy duty lighting stand.
The max. load capacity lies arround 25kg and can
also carry small film cameras.
There are two extension control cables available:
15 metres (50ft) with full facilities
pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, triax, ret. video,
cue light and VT start/stop
50 metres (160 ft). with limited facilities
pan, tilt, zoom and focus only.
A Dutch Roll head is available, which allows
the camera to roll from side to side, as well as
pan and tilt. This requires additional time to rig
and set up.

Stanton Triangle 2 axis: 250.00€/day

3rd axis: 50.00€/day