GFM Dolly Parts

GFM Euromount - 100mm off-set Bowl adaptor
(smallbowl) 20,00 €/day
GFM off-set Bracket Euro to Euro (25cm/10")
20,00 €/day
GFM Bowl-adaptor 100mm 5,00 € /day
GFM Spare Ball 150mm for bowl adaptor
10,00 €/day
GFM Ball Adaptor for off-set ball adaptor
10,00 €/day
GFM Riser 30 cm/12" 10,00 € /day
GFM Bazooka adjustable gas riser 50 -115cm
50,00 €/day
Bazooka Base (Bodenstern mit rollen) Euromount &
Monitor plate
8,00 €/day
GFM crane to Mitchel flatbase to Euromount 3 point leveler adaptor
50,00 €/day
Manfrotto 100mm Bowl adaptor
5,00 €/day
3-way Mitchell leveler 40,00 €/day
GFM Dolly Parts Cheese plate Yes 3,00 €/day